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Over three thousand people were buried in the cemetery at Woodlands from 1920 to 1958.

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Burials prior to 1920

My great grandfather died at New Westminster in November, 1915. Does anyone know how to locate records from 1915 or know where to find where patients at that time were buried? His name was Arthur Alderson. I have located a copy of his death certificate stating he died of "insane paralysis". I suspect he had received some sort of shock therapy which left him incapacitated. He was only in his thirties and left behind my grandmother who was only a few months old. My grandmother and one of her sons both suffered from the affects of Alzheimers and makes me wonder if this wasn't what happened to my great grandfather. My father was never told anything about his granddad other than his name. People were too ashamed to mention those with such afflictions. Let me know if anyone has any ideas! Thank you. Darlene

Arthur Anderson

Hello Darlene,

might you be looking for Arthur Anderson who died in 1930 and is buried in the former Woodlands Cemetery in New Westminster:

for access to his medical records I suggest you contact the Royal BC Museum at: http://royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/bcarchives/
as family you are entitled to copies any medical records they might have. Call or email the archives and make a freedom of information request for those records. There is, as far as I know , no charge for this service.

Michael de Courcy

Arthur Alderson

Shock therapy not in use at that time.

Arthur was at PHI from the 4th of March 1915, until his death on the 23rd of November 1915, General paralysis of the insane, cause of death. Dr. Steeves signed the Death certificate, he was a staff doctor. listed as buried in New Westminster, burial by the Bowell Company ( a long time funeral director in New Westminster ) b. 1884 England. Married in 1910 Gladys Violet Demmon, she remarried in 1920 to William Herbert Woodward

New Westminster Public Library has the Bowell funeral records for the date in question. which should tell you Where he is buried.
Good luck

Arthur Alderson

"General paralysis of the insane" refers to a manifestation of late stage syphilis. The discovery and widespread manufacture of penicillin provided an effective cure.

People from several groups, including patients from the Asylum for the Insane, were buried under what is now New Westminster Secondary School from approximately 1860 to 1920.

From headstones to patio stones

In the summer of during the early 80's I got a summer job at Woodlands. Outside of Fraserview they were boasting about their newly installed barbecue area. The recreation staff decided to have a barbecue there for some of the residents. I was there assisting with some of the residents when I noticed one of the patio stones was loose. It was obvious that it had not been installed properly. I lifted it up and turned it over and realized it was a grave stone. I was appalled by the disrespect for whomever it belonged. Later I learned that there had been a grave yard on site. The staff at the time believed the graves were still there but the authorities had ordered the grave stones removed. After a while the stones were secured and you could no longer turn them over.

BBQ area

I worked as film crew shooting at woodlands in 2000 and the BBQ area was still there and there was leaning stacks of 3 or 4 headstones leaning upright near what I recall was a green house near the BBQ area.

We would like our grandmother to have a proper headstone.

My family recently found out our grandmother is buried here and we are not comfortable with her being in an unmarked grave. We are planning to purchase and install a proper headstone as we feel she deserves this respect in her final resting place- who do we contact?
Without a headstone, it still seems that she is very much marginalized, even in death.


My grandfather has a proper marker close to the memorial. If you havent had one installed yet and are still in need of information about this let me know and i will get you the contacts that i used.

Grave stone for my maternal Uncle Edward Wilho Pari

Hello Mark, This is John Pari Schreiber. My Uncle Edward Wilho Pari is buried on the site, and I want to place a new Bronze plaque on his grave. What do I have to do to achieve this.
Thanks John Pari Schreiber.

Gravestone for our beloved Grandma, Emma Cameron

Hi John, Mark
I would also like to have a proper marker placed for my family member, Emma Cameron.
Can someone please provide info on how they installed theirs?
Feel free to get my contact info from Michael.


Dead and buried with removed headstones

Could you please list the contact name for anyone who would like to inquire about providing a proper burial marker?. I have a grandfather and his brother buried here. I am not comfortable with how this burial was treated and that not only were these people marginalized in life but also in death.

My Great Grandfather Alexander Fraser

Hi Catherine, my name is Linda Fraser Osmon. My Great Grandfather is also buried there. Just through my Genealogy that I have been doing lately. Led me to my Great Grandfathers grave site here. When I started reading about this place I immediately became horrified at what I was reading. If there were 3000 Gravestones removed from here, where are they and where the hell are our family members remains. I would like to know before they did all this if my Grandfather or anyone in my family were notified about this. But the looming question is where are the remains. This whole story to me in ludicrous. This isn't making something beautiful, you can call it Gardens all you want. But lets call it what it really is a desecration of 3000 graves. For all we know our relatives could be buried under a parking lot. This is not right the whole things stinks.


hello john

please contact me through my email and i will give you the contact information i used to get a proper headstone for my grandfather placed at the cemetery.

mark clark

Grave marker or plaque

My uncle died when he was about 5 or 6 here. His name was Gordon R. Scarlett. It looks like there is a hedge where he is buried and a monument with many old gravestones attached to it. My cousin went to visit the garden a few years ago and did not find his gravestone. We would like to put a plaque or gravestone where he was buried. I feel like the children who died of abuse here are not getting the respect they deserve.

The gov't removed his stone and did who knows what with it. They should replace it at their cost. Since I know they won't do this, I am willing to pay to have this done myself. Gordon died in 1937, but all his sisters are still alive and tell stories about him. My grandmother never got over the loss of her son. She died 70 years after he died and still spoke about him. She called him her little "Ralphie".

He is very much marginalized in that there is no gravestone or plaque for him there.

Headstone for my uncle

Hello there Mark,

My family wants a proper marker for my mom's brother as well. How do we go about this?

Placing/replacing a gravemarker in the former Woodlands cemetery

Hi Mark, I am the site administrator. This site has been receiving more and more messages asking for information as to where and how one goes about placing/replacing a marker in the ground at a grave in the former Woodlands Cemetery. If you can you share with me who to contact about this I will be happy to pass the information along to interested parties. Thank you Michael de Courcy