Aerial Landscapes
1954 – 2006

Aerial Landscape 1976

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In 1976 what was once agricultural land became the construction site for the new Queen’s Park Extended Care Center. The Queen’s Park Hospital Society wanted the cemetery, closed to new burials since reaching capacity in 1958, to be disassembled and re-landscaped as an "attractive view" for the care center's elderly residents from their facing balconies and windows. The society successfully lobbied the provincial government and received authorization to proceed with their plans.

This 1976 aerial photograph has such high resolution that it records as white dots many of the cemetery’s 3065, 10" by 17", cast-concrete headstones which had been installed to mark individual gravesites. This is the only known photograph of the cemetery showing these markers in their original configuration. Ironically, it also documents the hospital's comprehensive re-landscaping plan which included the covering or removal of these stones.

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